Listen to the Canadian government's official census soundtrack

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Sure to spice up the lives of the boreds of Canada!


I was disappointed that our house received the short form census. It is one of the easiest and most direct ways (aside from voting) to have our demographic’s needs seen and hopefully met by the various ministries of the government.

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Glad you got the joke!


Guess we’d better do this short survey, I say before bed, Or else we’ll be imprisoned. The damn thing took an hour. Glad I’m only now hearing about this list which is likely mandatory music history knowledge for any Prime Minister of JTs ilk. Sk8r Boi would’ve driven me up the wall.

Aww Gee no Ian Tyson? Yes, he’s in his eighties, but still performing. And no Corb Lund? :frowning: If I may, here’s Corb’s song about his mother, an elderly rancher. The video is illustrated with photos and video from his Mom’s life, including when she was a barrel racer…


Maybe we could have a link to the actual survey too?

Ours too. It didn’t seem as if they asked enough. At least the long form has been restored. Damn Stephen Harper for getting rid of it because Conservatives already knew all they needed to know about Canada!

Links to the various forms. 2A is short form, 2A-L is long, 2A-R is for northern, remote and reserve areas.

The link, and more importantly, the access code were sent in the mail.

We are a dorky people.


Enjoyed that Corb Lund song/vid. And I’m not really a fan of both kinds of music. That said, I really really like this song and now have an excuse to post a vid:

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Very nice, little bit Rheostatic’ey to my ear. From Montreal! You know who else was a C/W act from Montreal? Leonard Cohen. Had the hat and everything. I’m not a fan of C/W really, I like Ian Tyson and Corb Lund as songwriters. Old Ian doing the cowboy poetry festival in Elko is something to see. Corb actually started as a punk rocker (The Smalls, also not represented on this list :slight_smile: ) and that’s the only context I’ve seen him live. Although he did live a few blocks away from me, went to his garage sale when he moved out. Old tour T-shirts, anyone :slight_smile: Corb is a thoughtful and intelligent writer. One of my favourites of his is “Student Visas” …kind of a Bruce Cockburn vibe there

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