Listen to the Christmas Eve message from the first humans orbiting another world (1968)

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Why don’t we do cool stuff like this any more?


Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, sued NASA over this broadcast on the separation of church and state grounds. She ultimately lost O’Hair v. Paine when the Supreme Court refused to take up her appeal of dimissal on the grounds that they lacked jurisdiction.


"The first ten verses of Genesis is the foundation of many of the world’s religions,

Many == 3.


My mom actually recreated the Earthrise photo on her classroom door for Christmas this year with the words “Peace on Earth” above it. She joked with me that all the other teachers went with normal stuff like reindeer and snowmen and candy canes. I told her Earthrise still counted as Christmas-appropriate because that’s when the photo was taken.



“around the world”

Uh huh.

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Let’s make sure that the Moon colony has religous diversity.

It was an awesome broadcast, but I would have supported the lawsuit. Religion had no place on a state-funded mission.

But it was still awesome. :wink:

It’s also an important text in the Samaritan, Druze, Bahai and Rastafarian religions.

ETA: and there’s probably a few more oddball Abrahamic faiths I’m forgetting.

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