Listen to "TrumpCrazy," a killer mambo track from 1955!

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Now I’m in a mambo mood.


Nice, a bit too upbeat to be the soundtrack of or time, but a cool find.

If Anselmo Sacasas is a mambo king, then I am the queen of Spain.

Pérez Prado, mang…Now there is a true King of Mambo.

I’m crazy about TrumpCrazy!


The first couple of notes on the horns made me go, “Wow! So Killing Joke weren’t the first to take the sub-osc setting to the max on that Juno 106!”

Then I realised it was 1955.

For Trump, I figured it’d be Mambo #1

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It’s from the wrong side of the wall The talk shows should use this every time he comes up, like Bababooey’s tarantella.

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