Listen to what it sounds like to drive on Mars

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It sounds like Music Concrete.

I’m disappointed by the lack of wheel spin.


Have they looked to see if a no parking boot has been clamped to a wheel?


0.1 mph? We won’t be pulling any loops with that, even in one third gee.

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That mic has some pretty insane self-resonance. It sounded like it was on the brink of feedback the whole time.

Judging from the sound, I bet it’s the U-joint.

It sounds a bit like the ambient noise of a submersible in the deep ocean to me… and a bit “tinny”.

I guess that is because the athmosphere of Mars is quite thin. The sound carries different in different media.

This really, really makes me wish Car Talk was still on the air. Asking for help diagnosing this audio would make for a great prank call.

For a second, I thought that was a very original thought on my part, then I remembered the time that John Grunsfeld called them from the shuttle/MIR: Car Talk - My Government Vehicle Shakes at 17,500 MPH - YouTube


I’m just not convinced I could do better with fake data… and blow

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