Little girl is sad because she doesn't want her cute baby brother to grow up


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My wife has the same reaction to her nephew.

I’m sad I grew up. Every. Single. Day.


She’s on Tom Waits’ wavelength
Seems like folks turn into things
That they’d never want
The only thing to live for
Is today

Is there a word for nostalgia for a time not yet passed? I often experience that bittersweet buzz.

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Saudade comes close.


Fuckin’ A. I remember on my seventh birthday deciding I didn’t want to get any older. By god, I was right.


There’s a German one, I think. @retepslluerb? Can you help out?

How I feel when I hear people use phrases like “them feels”.

Being immature keeps me young.

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Is this going to be forever?

Learning about transience as a kid can be great news or horrifying news.

…Yeah, yeah missy. Let’s see how you feel when he’s 10 and you are 15…


I think we all lament the inexorable passage of time every now and then.

What I gather reading the Wiki: saudade could be described as a kind of intense bitter-sweet grief?

I was trying to get my youngest to do something a while ago - eat breakfast, or brush teeth, or sumfink - and rhetorically asked ‘don’t you want to grow up?’ I had no good answer when the response was ‘no, I just want to stay a little kid’, so the task was left uncompleted. As I recall we went off and played a game together instead.


My kid was a horrible baby. It was a relief when he turned one.

This is why it is good I don’t have children. I thought she was annoying as all hell. Obviously spoiled to the point of simplemindedness. Made me angry at her parents. Borderline child abuse, done to make a video.


I don’t feel quite that severely, but it made me realize I am on the right path with the not having of children, and also… I never remember thinking babies were that cute. So her reaction is so, sincere, that it makes me realize just how not “normal” I must have been.
My mom asked me once whether I wanted a little brother or sister and I said “No. I want a big brother instead.”

I also told her there was no point in my worrying about being old as we would probably all die in war or natural disaster anyway.

I was a chipper kid.

It’s probably good that I have gotten more mature, as I have learned to enjoy life a little more than I could when I was 7.

As far as child abuse, from what I can tell kids sob and cry nearly constantly so why not film it so that people can laugh?


One might call her “childish,” even.

Of course, she is a child. What’s your excuse, Grumpy-Pants?


But isn’t youth wasted on the young?

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