Watch: Little girl has meltdown when she finds out she's going to have a baby brother and it's really cute


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Clearly, the Straw Feminists got to her!


Mom: “Do you still want the blue candy?”
Girl: “Fuck yes.”


I have two boys, wonderful adults now. I’m still a bit peeved.


That can actually see the physiological effects of the moment when the “Baby Brother” vs “Sweets!” battle in the crying center of the brain began…


I hope everything turns out okay. My estranged brother didn’t want me around at all, and made sure I understood it even as a toddler. The most common saying was, “I hate your guts.”
No love lost, though. He’s always been an asshole.

Maybe she’ll warm up to him, I hope. Or maybe he’ll be transgender, which would still give her a sister?


I don’t think I’m a sociopathic monster – in many cases I find kids endearing – but this particular kind of theatrical crying instantly makes me think “You’ll be begging for a little brother after three weeks in the attic, you loathsome brat!”

It may or may not have something to do with my experience of step-siblings who used this technique on a daily basis, well into their teens, to get their way at my expense.



“You get nothing! Good day! I SAID GOOD DAY!”


The best part is when I turned it off.


Who drew this? There’s no credit. It looks like Sarah Beaton’s style


I watched the whole thing, waiting for Mom to say “You can’t always get what you want, dear. Sometimes you just get what you get.” But no.
Parenting. It’s hard.



That’s all pure gender-indoctrination cringe for me. From the pink versus blue card scheme, to the kid losing their shit over pure stereotypical family role nonsense. If you ever wonder why there are so many sexist people in the world, you are looking at it right there, and IMO it’s utterly horrific.


It’s from Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant webcomic. Here you go.

I was going to complain that her signature had been stripped off the image, but the original is unsigned. So, never mind!


I want an oompa loompa naaaaooooow!


Kate Beaton, not Sarah Beaton, oops! Thanks!


You can’t fool me. That’s another one of Melissa McCarthy’s genius comedy routines isn’t it?


“I don’t want to be filmed in ver(gasp)ver(gasp)verticaaal!”


Out of context, he might be mistaken for a video game enthusiast.


Pardon my French but fuck all this gender reveal bullshit.

We don’t need any more made up holidays, or promposals or invented ceremony that the feeble minded will substantiate by running out to buy a bunch of plastic crap and meaningless greeting cards. I was buying fireworks recently and they had a whole goddammned isle dedicated to PINK or BLUE fire works. I just want some explosives to terrorize my neighbor with, god dammit.

Furthermore, have a god damned healthy baby and care for and love the god damned thing. Birth and raise healthy, curious, kind humans with either a Ding Dong or a Ho Ho. Your expectations or prejudices don’t fucking matter. Stop setting up situations where some dip shit 3 year old will throw a sexist tantrum fueled by your gender obsessed narcissism. Dammit.