Little kid saved from potential escalator tragedy

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Gahan Wilson addressed this issue decades ago.


Poor kid!


I try to play it cool, but my heart rate still goes up when I reach the end of an escalator or moving walkway.


They make me nervous too, because I’ve seen accidents on them. One involved a man who fell with his suitcase, and couldn’t get back up. I was higher up on the same escalator, and no one else was around. The emergency button is usually on either end - so not in a place either one of us could reach it. Fortunately, he finally managed to push his bag and roll off, rather than continuing to struggle. Otherwise, my suitcase and I would’ve been caught up in it, too. The other thing that worries me with kids on those things is loose shoelaces - a real recipe for disaster/severe injury.


Welp. Looks like I’m having nightmares tonight.

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Just imagine everybody wearing loafers, and riding without incident from end to end. That’s what I do to keep the flashbacks away! :crossed_fingers:t4:

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I used to have a fear of my shoelaces getting caught and then being sucked into the workings of the escalator. This was after being warned about this on a freaky old wooden escalator in the less visited parts of the downtown Marshall Fields.

Same same. I love the engineering of them and enjoy riding them, but they still make me the tiniest bit nervous. :sweat_smile:

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