WATCH: Soccer hooligans take the escaltor


Did not know you could increase the speed of an escalator.


If you set it any higher than “mix” there’s going to be trouble. I saw one set to “puree” once. Ouch!

I feel like this needs some editing work, of course, Yakety Sax would need to be included.


How exactly does that work? Is there some guy in the background with his hand on the escalator speed knob gleefully laughing to himself, or was it something else?


It looks like the gears stripped from too much weight, and the chain went into freefall.


My impression was that it was insanely overloaded and slipped a cog.
I can’t imagine those high-torque moters would ever be able to hit that speed by design.


So… where were the ping pong balls?


So that is why Second Life had a cornfield for bad users. I never got the reference.

I would not want to be on that escalator at the bottom. It would likely break legs as it piled up people. The pile would grow towards the escalator as more people were added, and eventually the people would run into the pile of people but the steps wouldn’t subduct before hitting the back of peoples shins. It could take off legs. And that isn’t even considering the suffocation hazard of crushing that many people on top of each other. This is probably one of the reasons they don’t make really long escalators.

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What would you consider long? There’s the D.C. Metro - they have a 70 meter escalator at a steep pitch; I don’t think they were concerned about the crushing potential at the bottom. (The biggest hazard on those is that they’re always broken.) Then there’s St. Petersburg, with multiple elevators that are nearly twice as long as DC’s.


That seems like a really bad failure mode, if that’s what it is.

In normal situations - the steps being unattached to the drive - would just result in it be static and held in place by normal friction & resistance.
More than enough for a disconnected stair to not move at all and just become stairs for even a handful of people, I’m pretty sure.

This obviously wasn’t a ‘normal’ situation, and way outside any predicted tolerances.

There are one or two in St. Petersburg that are simply ridiculous. I stopped for lunch halfway.

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68.5m rise and a length of 137m. AKA an angle of 30 deg. if I’m not mistaken.

I’ve heard some truly horrific stories about escalator accidents. They’re not nearly as reliable as elevators, and when they misbehave, all that metal interacts with frail human flesh in a way that’s not graceful at all. Think about it, that’s a lot of moving parts!

Fuckin extremists. I want them killed quickly and painlessly, every last one!

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