Live in a grain silo! Private and tranquil smart home for sale! Enjoy the amazing wildlife... by killing it!

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It is a glorified hunting shack: 3 recliners and 3 beds.

Someone found some grain silos for cheaper than a mobile home and tried to make it look cool.


Few soft surfaces and a lot of plastic containers…and are the white things de-humidifiers?

Does not bode well.


I hate it. No windows at all. Did they insulate the hell out of it, because sun beating down on metal is going to get hot. Bare concrete floors which aren’t even polished to look good. Interior looks terrible. Like a Bass Pro Shop lost its will to live. Rounded interiors are impractical for things like shelves. Outside doesn’t look much better. Where are the trees? It looks like its in a depression, is this a flood plain? How often does that happen?

That range, though. Nice. And I’m not big into fishing, but my dad would like it.


Inflation is getting so bad that a million dollar death-trap is just some converted grain silos without fire exits, rather than a missile silo. On the plus side, there’s gonna be railing kills.


Y’all reckon it’s plumb crazy how back in them 1870s, us regular ol’ sharecroppers could actually dream ‘bout ownin’ a grain silo to live in? I mean, dag nab it, it was within our reach, ya hear? Them things were affordable, built to store our crops and keep them critters away, but they also made a cozy little home for us hardworking folks.

But dang it all, look at things now! Today, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. Them grain silos done turned into these fancy-pants homes that only them highfalutin, rich folks can even think ‘bout affordin’. I’m talkin’ millions of dollars, pardner! They done took somethin’ down-to-earth and made it all fancy and exclusive-like.

I mean, just think ‘bout it, y’all. Us sharecroppers, we busted our behinds day in and day out to feed our families and make a livin’. Back then, a grain silo was a symbol of self-sufficiency and independence. It was like sayin’, “Yeah, I got my own place to store my crops, and I’m proud as a peacock 'bout it.” But now, it’s like the whole shebang done changed, ya know? It’s all ‘bout luxury and showin’ off.

It just ain’t right, y’all. The fact that the price of a grain silo home done shot through the roof just shows how messed up things done got. It’s like they plumb forgot ‘bout us hardworkin’ farmers who built this country. The gap between what we could afford back then and what it costs now is plumb ridiculous.

It’s a doggone shame, I tell ya. We was just tryin’ to make an honest livin’, and now the dream of ownin’ a grain silo home feels like it’s light-years away. It’s like a slap in the face to all the sweat we poured into our work. I wish things could go back to the way they was, where a sharecropper like me could actually afford a place to hang my hat.

But reckon life keeps movin’ on, don’t it? It’s just plumb sad to see how the world done changed, and how somethin’ as basic as a grain silo done turned into a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. It’s a reminder that the struggles of us workin’ folk often get ignored in the pursuit of fancy livin’.


Why? Just, why? JFC.


Like a yurt from the future!


Zero windows! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have cut out a few holes to look out of. Just looking at the interior shots makes me feel a little claustrophobic.

Edit: OK, looking again, the loft sleeping area looks like it has a window that I assume is covered by the upper bin door on the exterior. So one window per silo? And which they thought was best to keep covered for the photo shoot.

Just abiding by “know your customer” requirements; I suspect.


Very clear and specific advertising for assholes who want to live in a tin to feel manly.




How did this sucker ever pass a code inspection?


Without looking up the listing, because I sure as hell don’t want that in my search history, I’m guessing they aren’t anywhere even close to an incorporated area with actual codes. (Or is someone playing fast and loose with the enforcement by getting it classified as something other than home?)

We’ve actually talked about finding somewhere we could have a cluster of small(ish) houses and some communal buildings for our extended polycule. This is very much not it.


Does this reflect some ammosexual wish-dream? To live in a windowless tin can in the middle of 400 acres of empty land (which you can bet isn’t going to be farmed by whoever buys the place)? Shoot guns all day and watch porn all night, I guess. Looks like it’d be a good place to start a cult in, though.


It’s the Cybertruck of mansions.


Blaming this atrocity on inflation is hilarious. The housing prices in this country have almost everything to do with predatory banking practices and almost nothing to do with incremental interest rate increases.


Those welds alone make me want to raze the whole thing to the ground.
And salt the ground for good measure.


Came to say the same- holy shit those welds are bad.

This “conversion” is clearly DIY and thus I would not trust an inch of it. No way these things will be comfortable to live in.


I also don’t see any wiring runs. Did they run the wiring on the outside and punch a hole where they needed an outlet for the current appliances? shudder

Maybe that shiny corrugated stuff is paneling that’s covering wiring and (hopefully) insulation, but yeech, why would anyone chose that stuff? Visually, it’s like licking a 9V battery.

Quonset huts would have been a better choice than those silo sections.