Buy an underground nuclear bunker

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Are you kidding? I’m still trying to unload the missile silo you sold me last year!

something, something Boing Boing Shop real estate…


If it’s meant to resist nuclear attack, the word “underground” seems superfluous.


250 people?
How bloody deep is it?


You can cram a lot of people in a small space when you do barracks style arrangements, especially if you hot bunk. You’re mostly limited by the air handling and provisions.

But this does seem a bit oversized for a single family. Maybe someone could convert it into a cold war themed B&B? Maybe turn some of the rooms into attractions? A mini-museum? There would be people willing to stay in a bunker for the novelty.


There were apparently 56 bedrooms; so maybe multi-occupancy and sleeping in shifts. I think that, after the start of a nuclear war, getting some kip might be a bit difficult.


With the sound-proof booths, a podcasting sweat-shop might be an interesting venture.

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It’s one of those unpleasant realisations you get as you get older. While underground bunkers are undoubtedly cool, they are actually pretty useless for almost any practical purpose :frowning:

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I was also thinking hotel.

But not really a good one.

More a shitty B&B, to be honest

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