Livecam: Brown bears feasting on leaping salmon swimming upstream to spawn, in Alaska's Katmai

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Great video! Although, to be fair, while we do see them catching and eating fish, we never actually see the bears swim upstream to spawn.


@xeni There’s a great HD cam up of 3 peregrine chicks on a building in the heart of Melbourne. They a loosing their floof and will probably be flying in the next week. Lot’s of feeding action!

The best live footage by far of a bear comes from this video:

Sometimes the bears have to fight for the salmon, sometimes they loose…

Love that site! My wife and I check it every day, usually just before bed. We root for the salmon, but silently we give a little cheer when the bears win, 'cause they gotta eat, too.

We watch until at least one bear catches a salmon. Sometime that can take a while; we’ve both fallen asleep at least once waiting for a score.

We call this a bear trap.

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