Livestreams from the Chaos Communications Congress



I’ll just x-post the top comment from highlighted video on HN:

moe 16 hours ago | link

Actual talk starts at 00:16:00 into the video.
Tobias Engel demonstrates (amongst other things):

  • How to find out the phone numbers of nearby cellphones
  • How to track the location of any cellphone worldwide that you only know the phone number of
  • How intercept outgoing calls of nearby cellphones (to record and/or re-route to a different number)

The other vid I watched was about Kcor security’s cross platform dll that lets you keep your actual malware binary off the target machines. Kind of like how some games work now to defeat piracy – the full exe is never on the client machine.

Just for a moment I thought this was a comment on US politics. “Livestream from the Chaos: Congress”


Must be groundshaking. Aren’t these the guys who got censored by the UK’s national firewall as “terroristic?”

Just listened/watched the session on all the crypto that the NSA has broken and that don’t work anymore.
Scary, sad.
SSL, SSH? Sorry busted.
OTR still good.

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Like a lot of folks, I would really like to see more details on the SSL & SSH exploits. Is it the base level protocols? Is a subset of the cryptographic primitives or key exchanges (if so, which)? Is it problems with the implementation of the above?

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The Chaos Computer Club hacked the Stasi in the 80s. I’m sure Cameron and Clegg don’t want that kind of behaviour here.


That’s a simplification and not exactly accurate in how things as “busted.”

Yes, you are exactly right. I’m so sorry that I shortened the 90 minute speech for a comment on at blog post. Please everyone, watch the entire presentation and read the accompanying materials so you that you know exactly accurately what they said.

Livestreams of chaos in US congress is called CSPAN 1 and CSPAN 2.


Really? That’s totally fucking awesome. I had no idea.

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