Locating old post: Epistemology comic?

Trying to track down an old (probably couple years ago at least) post on the main Boing Boing blog. At least I think it was a Boing Boing post. Not having much luck so far.

The post contained or linked to a comic where the artist was questioning the nature and accuracy of one’s individual world view, and the innate tendency of humans to thread a narrative onto all the experiences.

At least that’s what I think the focus was.

The main thing I remember was that at the beginning or end of the strip, the artist has a few panels of herself as a fan at the end of a hockey game. In these panels she climbs over the railing and stops the team to inquire something like how it is they can create the narrative of their victory that the fans are enjoying through a collction of diseprate events. . . or something similar.

To which the last player just turns to the inquiring character and says something to the effect of:
“Mother Entropy, she rules all.”

Anyone know what I’m talking about or have a link to it?

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Sorry, I couldn’t find anything that combines both philosophy and hockey (except a few climate-change dealies referring to the Hockey-stick graph.)

As a consolation prize, here’s one of my favorite philosophy comics:


This Molly Brooks comic looks very close to what you describe: http://the-toast.net/2013/08/05/a-cartoon-about-sports/


That looks like it’s gotta be it, from @peterk’s description.

That is definitely it.

Thanks muchly.

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