Loch Ness Monster Largest Search in Years Set to Begin

The Loch Ness Centre in Drumnadrochit is teaming up with a volunteer research group called Loch Ness Exploration – and together, they’re organizing what they call a massive effort to track down the famed mythical creature … who’s rumored to inhabit the local loch.

In this latest search – the biggest one since the early '70s, according to LNC – the two groups are said to be trotting out a lot of state-of-the-art equipment to conduct their work.
That includes … thermal drones, infrared cameras, and a hydrophone, among other devices, which will be used over the course of two days between Aug. 26 and 27. Of course, they’re also inviting fellow “monster hunters” to join in on the fun extremely serious expedition.

(at long last a chance to open Al Capone’s vault with Bigfoot on the team)


Have they checked down the back of the sofa yet?


It was on TV in the 1960’s


Too late. The sofa was destroyed when the house burned down in 2015.


Cryptic creatures, demons, warlocks, Spirits, rock stars, supernatural Hunters, tourist… This Loch Ness is such a crowded space.

taran killam occult GIF by Drunk History

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I think the best part of Loch Ness is not the cryptozoological resident, but rather the Great Glen fault in which it resides. The Northwest shore of Loch Ness shares rocks with Newfoundland, whereas the southeast shore is European. The fault continues on into northwest Ireland, through County Donegal and into County Mayo.



I think it might be finally time to perhaps conclude that the Loch Ness Monster can shrink itself to mundane proportions to evade detection.

It is really the only thing that makes sense.

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It’s those thistle whistles

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