World's most dedicated hunter of Loch Ness monster says he's not about to give up

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I am putting my money on Nessie and other apparent “lake monsters” (Champy, Lagarflojt Worm) as being some kind of large fresh water sea slug, that lives beneath the silt most of the time so nobody can ever actually find it when they go looking.

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follow your bliss, happy mutant.


Snakes with a healthy appetite?


When I went to loch ness last, and I don’t know why we found this so funny, we met a couple guys from Alabama. One of them pulled us aside, and earnestly said in a southern drawl, “I heard there’s a snake in that thar river.”

It was almost Dada esque.


To be fair, Wels Catfish are proper monsters in their own right.

Steve Feltham gave up his … girlfriend 24 years ago to dedicate his life full-time to looking for Nessie.

Somebody hand this bloke a Darwin award.

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