Loch Ness Monster photo on Apple Maps?


It’s actually a previously undocumented creature, the Loch Ness Monster’s High School Buddy.


That’s either the wake of a boat or a seriously huge trilobite.


It’s a boat wake :smile:


You can even see the outline of the boat in the middle of the “monster”. It’s just an artifact of image composting.

Not only is it a boat wake, but they tell you which boat it is.

The conclusion that it looks like a boat wake, but there’s no boat, therefore it’s the Loch Ness monster, is an interesting comment on the reasoning powers of folks reported on by the Daily Mail.

It’s Apple Maps, so actually it’s a shot of the East China Sea.


We know Nessie is a plesiosaur the same way we know invisible unicorns are pink?


Two problems with the plesiosaur identity. According to the Loch Ness Visitors Center, the original report(s) of ‘the monster’ described its appearance as large, overturned boat. Best match known would be a large sturgeon, which were once found in the lake, before un-interupted access to the ocean was cut off.

The other problem with the plesiosaur theory is where did it come from? The loch was scoured down to the bedrock during the last ice age. Everything there now has only been there for a few thousand years.

The biggest red flag I saw in the initial report (besides showing up in the Daily Fail) was the size. The mystery thingie in the image was estimated to be about 100 feet long. Basking and Greenland sharks (also known in the area, if not in the Loch) and sturgeon don’t get nearly that size, and if it was a blue whale we’d have found it already.

Oh well. Pretty country. Visit it if you can.

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That’s kind of what happens when your goofy local legend turns into a big tourist trap. Everybody knows it is silly, but you can’t turn away those tourist euros so people just play along.

It’s… it’s… it’s Old Gramps!!

Yes, but if you look closely enough at the original image you can see a small plesiosaur driving the boat.


Live there if you can.

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MEGA TRILOBITE!!! A SyFy original.


But invest in some wellington boots and a good scarf.

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Occam’s Razor


The “Jacobite Queen”… should be named the “Trilobite Queen”

A Scottish woman said this same thing to me almost verbatim the other day.