Lockdown tool prevents ladders from kicking out


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$120 seems a little steep for a metal tray and a band clamp.


But when you factor in the cost of Holmes it makes perfect sense ; -)


…not if you’ve ever had a ladder kick out on you, it doesn’t…


He doesn’t use a Ladder arm support at the TOP.

These are great for creating a wider footprint and also you aren’t leaning the ladder against THE GUTTER as he does in the video sigh.

That being said, the people that are overconfident and set up ladders wrong are not going to buy this thing.



Been using ladders for decades and never had one kick out, nor even come close! (Mind you I’m not stupid enough to try one on ice in the first place.)


My dear Wife and I have a ritual, she holds the ladder while I make an ass of myself fixing some doohickey. It’s just the way we do it, so this contraption is a nonstarter for us.


Boy, Trump is going to be pissed.


Make sure to install it the right way.


Yes it’s a good idea. (Not that there aren’t ladders available with built-in security features that amount to the same already, that’s neither here nor there.) Having been responsible for safety on building sites at some points in my work life I welcome everything that improves safety. And the best safety features are the ones that are actually used because they work and are reasonably convenient. Usually, those are the ones that are developed in the field, so to speak.

But reading this PR blurb made me throw up in my mouth a little.


My step dad had a ladder-accident before he joined our family. I don’t know if the ladder had kicked out or if he simply slipped. I do know that he crotched himself on a rung. He just had another surgery to try to “fix the waterworks”. $120 seems cheap. Paying a professional (or a neighborhood teenager) to clean the eavestrough seems cheap, too.



Apologies in advance for possible bad taste, but I have to ask: was it a stepladder?


So cute, you two win all the d’aw today! :grin:


True, but people with ladder anxiety will feel safer using this.


I have to use an extension ladder pretty regularly. I have had great luck with a board covered in carpet.


…all it takes is one time. just ask Cory.

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