London's mayor warns Trump he isn't welcome


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London’s mayor warns Trump he isn’t welcome

tRump ain’t welcome here either.


The President screwing up our international relationships? Haven’t I heard this song before?




I wonder how forcefully May* would respond if she wasn’t in this weird position where she’s increasingly relying on the hopes of a good trade agreement with the US to make up some of the loses the UK is going to suffer with Brexit. If Brexit falls apart, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire British government essentially tells Trump to fuck off.

*Yeah, I know she’s horrible, but Trump’s so beyond the pale even for fairly right-wing politicians in the rest of the world, their instinct is to denounce him.


Well I know what high regard Trump holds Mayor Khan in. I’m sure he’ll be duly chastened by this rebuke and apologize for any offence his behaviour may have caused.


There are some places in the UK that we won’t mind if he visits.

It won’t be a problem if we were to accidentally forget to bring him back, will it? He’ll have company in the form of the Britain First leadership, who will be there to defend Britain’s borders.


While I understand that fully 1/4 of eligible American voters chose this vile suit to represent the other 3/4 of us, it really beggers the imagination to think we can withstand another 3 years of this nonsense. Remind me what’s so wonderful about democracy, again?


Well it’s our last check against fascism… or at least it was meant to be until fairly recently.
It was a pretty good experiment for a couple hundred years, and we all learned a lot of valuable life lessons!


I’ll let you know, if I ever happen to live in one.

Our fractured republic certainly doesn’t match up with that particular adjective, not by a long shot.


What was it Churchill said about democracy, about it being the worst from of government… except for all the others?

That said, even non-sci-fi readers might find some interest in K. S. Robinson’s “Mars Trilogy” wherein from-the-ground-up modes of governance are explored and discussed. (I found it great reading.):


And that may be optimistic. I’m beginning to believe the people who say he could be re-elected. Thanks to our electoral system and voter disenfranchisement, an ever-shrinking percentage of the electorate is choosing the president, and that group largely contains his base. Democracy this ain’t.


If only it could happen to the resident of the White House.


Good. Fuck Nazis. Nobody has to be a bigoted piece-of-shit white supremacist.



Obama and others before also managed to upset US allies.

As for the Mayor of London I rather doubt he has any real say as to who is welcome in the city or not.


Devil’s advocate time!:

With all this talk of “Russian influence” it makes me think. When I was in grad school we had to take extensive training on how not to accidentally manipulate people in our studies, and had an Insitutional Review Board to review communications much less targeted than political ads.

If we acknowledge that “influencing” voters is a problem, maybe we need to admit that large segments of the population are unable to properly give informed consent (vote).




But the Martians just seemed to end up with a multi level representative democracy with local control at the city level and a defined set of powers given to the global government.

The Martian’s advantage was common purpose, once old age blunted the red/green divide.

If they had been saturated with a “cowboys and indians” style entertainment genre like the US things may not have gone nearly as well.


To an extent there was that, although only eventually realized in ‘Blue Mars’; otherwise all was conflict and disparate beliefs. I’d say their main advantages had more to do with 1) relatively small planetary population; 2) a clean sheet to work with when deciding on a common system of government; 3) a veritable library of lessons learned from Earth’s mistakes; and 4) the motivation to make common cause against Earth’s metanationals.