Report: Trump visit to Britain canceled


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I guess we won’t be treated to footage of Trump being thronged by crowds of enthusiastic “Britain First!” fascists after all.


Lost face, yes, but not as spectacularly as he does to himself.


If only we could cancel all of the Orange Caligula’s visits to the USA


in Britain, where Trump is widely loathed…

Why, Britain? Why do you hate America so?


Bah. He really wanted to go to Russia anyway.


Any predictions on how long before the Tories implode?


Someone, please, put up that grumpy cat meme with the “GOOD!” caption…


That’s a hell of a photo of Corbyn on GQ. I assume the article is generally negative, but his people should adopt that photo as the official one, it makes him look like a guy who knows he holds all the aces.


Trump is widely loathed in the US too, but we can’t roll up the welcome mat.

Christ, what an asshole.


Is there a list of countries he hasn’t pissed off yet?




Serious question: does Turmp ever appear in front of large crowds of people, other than hand-picked supporters, even in the US? Is it possible that he genuinely doesn’t understand how broadly despised he is everywhere?


It doesn’t matter how many people tell you you’re wrong when you know in your soul that you are absolutely right.


Try this:

  1. Russia

OK, I’m done.


You forgot Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, etc.

The Trumpists have allies. They’d be less problematic if that wasn’t the case.


You know, I’m sorry I won’t be able to see the throngs of people welcoming him to Britain. And by “welcoming,” I mean gathering in large numbers to heap abuse on him. I was reading about efforts by the UK government to figure out ways of essentially sneaking Trump into the country so they could avoid that, even though there weren’t yet any planned trips, but I imagine the citizens of the UK are motivated enough that they’d figure it out anyways and show up to welcome him…


I imagine Trump’s visit to the UK would be like the opening sequence of A Hard Day’s Night, except all the screaming people are running away from him.


Apparently even the lighting of the Christmas tree was poorly attended, with seemingly only hand picked people showing up.


Groovy; please let me know when his entire existence has been cancelled.