British Prime Minister Theresa May condemns Donald Trump, but doesn't have the guts to disinvite him

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We’ve gone from being the “cousins” to being the crazy uncle in the attic in record time.


To be honest, I wouldn’t disinvite him either considering he’s President of a country with the most active nuclear arsenal on the planet and the fact he’s an overgrown baby makes him a dangerous fellow to tick off. Basically, she’s going to humor the idiot and pray it doesn’t tank her party’s image any worse than it is now (after the beating they got in the snap election I think it’s obvious they’re toast but you never know).


PM Theresa May is busy fucking up her own country, she hasn’t time for us Colonists.


Theresa May is a typical bully - she has no problems punching down on the poor, immigrants and refugees. But she grovels in front of people with power like Paul Dacre, Rupert Murdoch and Trump.


… and to be frank, we (the UK) need this trade deal badly. Leaving the EU in the manner in which we are being made to leave is rank idiocy. We need help.

Mind you, I don’t welcome ztrumpschovich myself.


Like thieves in a bank and with cops on the way, the GOP has to work fast.

Even if she disinvited him, I expect he’d still be coming over for the wedding.

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Augh, can you imagine the awful cloud of smug that’s going to come off Turnip and his cult once that deal goes through? It’s going to be “evidence” of his “excellent” deal-making “skills.”

It will block out the sun.


Which trade deal? There is no trade deal on the table. Just a glorious intent by the Brexiteers to reduce local ‘red tape’ so we can consume more chlorinated chicken and hormone- and antibiotic-stuffed beef, being Liam Fox’s clear intent. What he thinks the US will take from us in return, and at what price, is not fully clear.


Oh yes. Just how rogered we are is all too apparent.

The Brexit Bananas Brigade have actually managed to shaft an entire country.

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I think I’ve changed my mind. I want him to come visit, now, and to speak in the House of Commons. I’m pretty sure at least some of the MPs in there will give him the welcome he deserves.

(Note to BBC Parliament crew: keep at least one camera on Mhairi Black.)


The photograph is just priceless. Good choice.

He’s already been specifically not invited to the wedding by the couple. I guess when you’re the second son you can get away with saying what the rest of the establishment only wishes they could say.
Also, trumpo* has said he’ll only come if he gets a warm welcome, soooooo, I guess he’s not coming then. Although we’d all like to see what it looks like for someone to get mooned by sixty million people at the same time.
I kind of hope he does come, because I have great faith in the ability of the British public to take the piss on an international scale.

(* ok, I typoed that, but I like the look of it so it’s staying)

I can only guarantee white hot rage. Is that warm enough?

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So, his ticket allocation for the FO’s next Gilbert & Sullivan production will be severly reduced?

Let him come visit, but ban his security team.

That would put PETA in a bit of an ethical dilemma, I guess.

Fortunately, the mayor of London has the guts Theresa May lacks.