Long Beach set to raise hotel worker minimum wage to $23

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/03/17/long-beach-set-to-raise-hotel-worker-minimum-wage-to-23.html


Hell yeah


Believe me, this is a really good thing happening. But the downward pressure on wages over the last several decades sure is a real thing.
I was in the United Food and Commercial Workers union in the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years and when I left, I was making 21/hour. In the year 2000…


In Chicago the fact that there were two big restaurant companies worked to keep wages depressed. Between them they owned enough of the market that everyone could follow their lead.
When I got my last baking job in 2018 I was earning less in buying power than I was when I started in 1990.
This is great news for a workforce that often gets the short end of the stick.


But if we raise minimum wages, all the businesses will go bankrupt, or leave in a huff, and there will be no commerce and the american economy will immediately grind to a halt, and we’ll all starve to death and have no where to vacation and no uberlyfts and and and…

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