"Long COVID Mode" game mod simulates living with the condition

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In the press Long Covid is so vaguely described, often by just those two words, that it seems to me an accurate simulation of the condition could be a useful educational tool. If anyone emerges from the simulator with a fuller understanding of what it’s really like, we could find some people saying “holy sh*t, I don’t want THAT. Guess I’ll wear a mask on the bus after all.” It’s worth a try.


Agreed, in a growing atmosphere of “COVID’s over, and really wasn’t that bad, you guys are all overreacting!” I can sympathize with Long COVID Europe for being desperate to find ways to reinvigorate awareness.

I don’t think that’s entirely fair. As I understand it, this is a mod to existing games, so is a hindrance to an adventuring experience they’re already used to. People are viscerally connected to the struggles of their videogame avatars, and pay large sums of real world money and spend lots of their time gaining advantages in games. An in-game condition like this will be noticed by those folks in a way that other messaging wouldn’t be.


Which game are they modding?

From another trailer on the channel, it looks like Minecraft, Witcher 3, and Elden Ring.

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