Patient died after 505-day Covid infection, the longest on record

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“Someone with a chronic infection might not be contagious.”

Nothing in the linked BBC article backed up the assertion above (which was taken from the BBC article), sadly. I hope they have some evidence to support this.

The guy who made the assertion is …

One of the medics who will be presenting the findings at a medical conference - the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases - is Dr Luke Blagdon Snell.

… so I wonder if he’ll have something more evidential in his presentation.


Interestingly, due to how the UK records Covid related deaths, he will not be counted among the official Covid death statistics.


It is not clear from the article whether they died from Covid or with Covid. But, given the background, with Covid seems more likely


Yeah, it definitely seems like Covid was the proverbial straw :frowning:


Or possibly even incidental. The “with Covid” designation tends to mean someone’s cause of death was something else - but they may have incidentally tested positive shortly before death.

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What’s scary is how many people die from covid even a year after recovering from it. Covid is a vascular disease that does permanent damage, and the death rates for people who recover from serious cases is highly elevated long after they recovered from the virus itself. At this point we can only look at the data for up to a year after infection, but an increase in deaths is probably going to be true for many years.

It’s pretty clear covid’s going to really hurt life expectancy overall, but especially if we can’t actually get rid of it.


I think actually, what we’re discounting is actually how many people are killed by viruses in general, with EB being close to confirmed to cause MS, and lots of other viruses causing things that might not be fatal like CFS (and let’s not forget polio, and many others we have manged to subdue), it seems we’ve significantly underestimated how much damage these viruses do to people who survive it, especially those who survivie it without signficant immediate issues…


Totes worth it so Karen doesn’t have to mask up… /s


Those kind of long-term effects we haven’t even gotten into yet, though. Right now we’re still dealing with the immediate effects of the vascular damage caused by the infection. Those kind of long-term effects are unknown as yet, but there’s evidence the virus does things to the immune system, for example, and getting the virus seems to hugely increase the chances of getting diabetes…

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