COVID-19 can cause long-term erectile damage, too

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well now I’m wearing a second mask.


Cure funded by Male White Conservatives in 3… 2…


I am sure there is a “long Covid” joke in here somewhere, but that would be inappropriate.


Advertise this shit far and wide; maybe the covidiots will finally listen, if it fucks up their sex lives…


Well, you’re welcome to try, but I don’t think it will be very effective.


Edited for a little context:

This is one of a series of most explicit images that warns about the harm of smoking and is stamped on all cigarette packages sold in Brazil.

The interesting thing is that even knowing the risk to their sex life, the smoker ignores the alert and continues to buy cigarettes.

I think the same will happen with the pandemic and the use of masks.


“Li and his colleagues have found that the virus infects testicular cells during the acute phase of Covid-19, which means the virus may be impacting testosterone production.“

Toxic masculinity causes COVID; COVID cures toxic masculinity.

This is testing my atheism.


Yeah, seems to be a lot of evidence pointing to covid damaging blood vessels (people having to get feet amputated, and many other issues), not surprising it could affect genitals, and that means both sexes.


Housekeeping staff at Mar-A-Lago can breathe easier now.


I think we should push research like this forward in the earliest stages of every epidemic. Had this been the big headline back in March things might have looked very different now.


Republicans: Wait, it affects penises?! This is the greatest health crisis in history! Start writing checks now!

The rest of us: Awesome, this research funding will benefit people with all types of genitals!

Republicans: …we need to control the deficit.


This is what makes me crazy about people who dismiss the virus by saying that “X% recover,” as so far we’re seeing people who haven’t yet fully recovered. The virus causes damage to the vascular system and other organs that results in damage that may be permanent, or at least has a long and difficult recovery. They’re either unaware of that, or are lying about it.

Actually, those dismissive claims are making me crazier and crazier, as they’re getting more and more divorced from reality. First they (falsely) claimed that 99.9% of people survive (when in the US it’s 98%). Then that became “recover,” even though that’s not true. Some people turned 99.9% into 99.99%, even as more than 0.1% of the entire population of South Dakota is now dead from the virus. Now I see people claiming that “the immune system” protects 99.9% of infected, which is totally crazy as a 2% death rate is what you get with aggressive medical treatment given by a medical system that hasn’t reached capacity. That’s no longer the case. The worse things get, the more extreme the denial becomes, it seems.


Is that the only demographic that needs a working penis or the only one that can afford to fund a cure?

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snarky reasoning that those with the means now have more motive… perhaps may behave less stagnantly.

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Ironically, long term COVID also seems to be causing what the medical community has termed “blowjob mouth”. What a cruel disease.

Warning, this nearly made Mrs Peas puke.



I have neighbors who think that “herd immunity” will save us and is being deliberately downplayed. I’ve considered this to be total crap, but now I’m wondering if “herd impotency” might have redeeming value…


No problem. There is a cure:

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These are bad news for Rocco Siffredi.