Long-exposure night gunfire photos from Vietnam war revealed

Photo by Jim Hensinger: “Time exposure of M60 7.62 cal. machine gun(S), M2 .50 cal. Browning Machine Gun, and twin 40 mm anti-aircraft Bofor (Pom-Pom) guns mounted on a M42 Duster (tank) firing long bursts of tracers at night.” Vietnam War veteran and photographer James Speed Hensinger has shared a never-before-published collection of night photographs… READ THE REST

Once, I remember, we came upon a man-of-war anchored off the coast. There wasn't even a shed there, and she was shelling the bush. It appears the French had one of their wars going on thereabouts. Her ensign dropped limp like a rag; the muzzles of the long six-inch guns stuck out all over the low hull; the greasy, slimy swell swung her up lazily and let her down, swaying her thin masts. In the empty immensity of earth, sky, and water, there she was, incomprehensible, firing into a continent. Pop, would go one of the six-inch guns; a small flame would dart and vanish, a little white smoke would disappear, a tiny projectile would give a feeble screech—and nothing happened. Nothing could happen. There was a touch of insanity in the proceeding, a sense of lugubrious drollery in the sight; and it was not dissipated by somebody on board assuring me earnestly there was a camp of natives—he called them enemies!—hidden out of sight somewhere.
Conrad, Heart of Darkness.
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A sniper with a AK47 - that sounds so… wrong

The man in the black pajamas, Dude. Worthy f*ckin’ adversary.

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