"Longest Third Date" is a Netflix documentary with a short shelf life

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“There’s also the inescapable oddity of these two people choosing to fly days before lockdown hit”

March 17, 2020 is pretty cusp timing-wise for me finding this believable. That was the same week (or possibly the week before) my employer switched its stance from “Everything normal” to “Office closed until further notice.” And that was in Boston. At the time, the public claims were still mostly that any lockdowns were very temporary and often mostly voluntary. It was before most transportation and hospitality businesses were allowing free covid cancellations; it’s possible cancelling would have cost them more than the discounted trip, which at the time wasn’t psychologically ridiculous as a reasoning process.

(Remember also that just a few weeks prior the small subset of people advocating serious responses to covid were being widely mocked in major media venues across the US).

I have no problem believing the timing because there are plenty of well-documented cases of people traveling during this period even though most people knew it was a bad idea by then. Still probably won’t be watching the documentary though.

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Have you ever watched Discovery channel ‘reality’ series such as Deadliest Catch, Railroad Alaska, and many others? There are so many manufactured ‘oh gosh if this goes wrong things will be terrible!’ to keep you watching that without them the shows would run half as long. I finally got fed up with that shit and stopped watching.

(ETA which is a shame as on the whole they are all beautifully filmed and would keep my interest even without the fake crap)

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