Look at this interesting explainer on eye charts and human visual acuity

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human visual acuity

In my experience [motorcycle rider], it doesn’t exist.


Same as a (former) cyclist, though technically I think that’s more selective attention:


I really wish that video/speech technology advances enough to convert units on the fly. So hard to listen to imperial units that only a handful of countries use.

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Roger that!

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My cat had a problem in his eyes years ago, and had to go to an ophthalmologist vet every few months for a while. I tried to convince the vet to get one of these letter eye charts for her office just to mess with the other clients, but she didn’t think it would be funny. I still think of that as a lost opportunity.


Tell me about it! I live in one of those countries! I work with volume and area conversions constantly in my work and equipment from both European and US manufacture. Nothing causes as many mistakes and miscommunications as imperial.

“(Lord, It’s Hard To Be Happy When You’re Not) Using The Metric System”

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