Look behind the scenes of how a Swiss Army Knife is made


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How is Richard Dean Anderson not involved in a Victorinox ad? Come on… And not a peep from Julie Andrews over that shot of the mountains either. Who are those PR people?


Best of all, they remain sedulously neutral!


Really cool stuff!

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Somehow, the job of demonstrating the knife in the company store seems to me far more soul destroying that working at the assembly line.


There’s a lot of gimmicky crap in some of those but the vanilla Swiss Army knife is a superbly made little tool, I’ve still got mine from childhood and it’s as solid now as it was then. Oh and the Swiss army card is supposed to be for the women? Lol! Why? It’s a useful bit of kit for anyone! That promo bit at the end was bizarrely old fashioned.

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I found the assembly line jobs to be somewhat appealing. I never even pondered that there is a person whose job was to stick a toothpick in that little slot. Come to think of it, though, sort of like my sex life.


I’m sure I saw the Victorinox stamp on the blades in the plastic pebbles, a scene or two before the narrator said words to the effect of ‘each blade then gets its stamp of authenticity’. Out of sequence manufacturing video? Well, it was produced by a PR dept, I guess, and did not purport to be a documentary.
Had a Champ for many years, but it was lost. I miss it but apparently not enough to replace it (at the best part of £50-60). The saw blade was so worn the teeth were a series of round bumps before it went AWOL.

ETA, thinking about that Champ assembly process, I’m surprised they don’t offer a bespoke “specify your own selection of tools” service. Even if it cost a lot more, I’m sure there’d be plenty of takers.

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Reminds me of “How It’s Made”, hands down the best show on television, yet consistently snubbed at the Emmys. Also - Clothing? Perfume? Wut?


sort of like my sex life

A surprising amount of manual labor?


I was thinking that one push that requires a tremendous amount of dexterity.


Oh, thank God.

I was afraid you were going to say something about often being found in the hands of boy scouts.


Related: There’s a Windows XP branded knife at 11:10.


Holy crap, so there is. I missed that. I wonder if it’s loaded with ransomware and viruses.


Got one of the little ones on my keychain.

And now I want the Toblerone promo knife from the video.

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About ten years ago Victorinox held a clearance sale here, getting rid of a few discontinued models and promo knives. I scored a few deals, but I half regret not buying a few of the keychain models with the Halliburton logo, just for the reactions. :wink:


If you live anywhere near an airport, ask around to see if you can find out where their seized knives go. We used to have an airport thrift store loaded with them, and I notice many of them end up in lots on eBay. The scales can be bought in bulk, and with some practice, a used knife can be nicely refurbished.

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