Looking for a tool to organize my photos on disk

I’m starting to have a lot of photos stored, and I haven’t sorted so newer ones into folder for a long time.

I dislike doing things on the computer that an algorithm could do in a few seconds, so I’m looking for a tool that could group photos in folders, maybe add a YYYY-MM-DD at the beginning and allow me to add a folder name.

I know that programs like Picasa or Lightroom can do something similar, but they do not create real folders on disk, do they ? Basically, I’d like to have them auto sorted, like itunes can do with music files. I don’t like being that dependent on a piece of software, with regular folder I can easily find & share pictures, even if I don’t have it installed, or if I’m using a different computer or OS.

I think the main problem here is that innovation is mostly done on websites now, such as sorting by “interesting”, on G+ or Flickr.


I strongly recommend Lightroom, it is by far adobes best product imho. You stop thinking about folders and start thinking about collections, ratings, keywords and so on.

It has a major advantage over picasa, it will never mess with our filesystem unless you explicitly ask it to.

I know I should :slight_smile: Software can add so much more to simple folders, such as tags and ratings. Yet I do like when a program keeps the actual folders on the disk in an understandable system ; I often try new apps, access my files from windows/linux/other, and can share the files to someone, without the need for them to have the same piece of software.

Itunes does fine in this case, I have ratings and smart playlists, and the files are kept in a music/artist/album structure.

I feel your pain.

A while back I went looking for an app that could run a slideshow in the same way ACDSee 5 does, but uses a decent resize algorithm… came with squat except feh, for the Linux command line : /

I think the key feature for lightroom is that never messes with your folder structure or actual original files. Picasa commits a ton of crimes against your folder structure, it moves stuff around, it creates magic folders and so on… strongly recommend against it (even though the facial recognition is sweet)

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