Looks like Amazon is beating auto parts stores for convenience and price

Rancho’s are okay and I was just about to buy a set recently until I started reading different reviews and found that Bilsteins are the way to go now. I found an awesome set of replacement shocks on bilsteinlifts.com

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True true, but the 74’ gets maybe a 1000 miles a year, so no top-o-line stuff for him…

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I’m hopeful for Ebay. In the car world, they’ve been advertising heavily that eBay parts are certified and ship quick. I ordered 2 oil filters and they took a week to arrive, kinda slow for shipping these days. They were standard Fram filters.

Does Rockauto still do their “charge you shipping from each warehouse” BS? That completely turned me off to them several years ago. Amazon and ebay for me, unless its something time critical, then I’ll pick it out and order online from Advance since you can see which store has it in stock.

+1 on Rock Auto; they have multiple warehouses around the country, so depending on which warehouse has it, shipping is pretty quick.

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Make friends with whoever runs a couple of the local pick an pull lots, and have them call you when your model car comes in. Or barring friendliness, just offer a “bribe”: “here’s my name and info, and what I’m looking for. If you call me when it comes in, I’ll “forget” an additional $20 on the counter when I leave with the part I need.”

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Shopping for auto parts online is often indeed cheaper and more convenient, but I don’t know that I’d trust Amazon over reputable and specialized auto parts sellers. Given how Amazon is overrun with counterfeits and sketchy vendors using Amazon for fulfillment, I wouldn’t trust Amazon with anything life or safety critical unless it’s coming directly from the manufacturer.

I think we can all agree though that going to the parts store fucking sucks and should be avoided unless you really absolutely need the part right away, or you need to borrow/rent an expensive or highly specialized tool that you’ll only ever need once.


And even then it’s hard as hell to find official stuff on amazon, because of all the sketchy vendors and counterfeits gaming the hell out of amazon’s search results.

when, say, an OEM apple lightning cable is on the 4th or 5th page of search results, you know something’s wrong. (Let’s avoid the elephant in the room about the quality of said OEM lightning cables, because we all know that there’s a couple 3rd party MFi certified vendors that have actual good cables that don’t suck.)


Make sense. Your car has broken down, so how can you visit the auto parts stores without a working motor vehicle? But you do have a mobile phone, and amazon’s drones can deliver to the side of the road in two days.

I can stomach buying accessories from Amazon and the occasional hard to find air or oil filter, but I’ve been burned a few too many times when buying parts such as spark plugs or sensors from Amazon. I bought some plugs for my tuned supercharged car and it was throwing cels left and right every time I used the accelerator. Found out they sold me counterfeit plugs. Went to my local auto parts store that’s been open since 1984 (same guy has owned it pretty much the whole time) and got some real ngk plugs and haven’t had the problem since


I bought a side mirror glass online and it was cheap and good. But I do wonder how much super cheap and available parts are impacting quality. UTG has a bunch of videos on supply and quality issues.

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