Looks like we're never getting a Namor solo movie

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I haven’t seen the film yet but if they really somehow managed to do that then my hat is off to them. Personally it’s very difficult for me to get past the fact that the character has the ankle wings.


Obligatory: the intro to the 1966 cartoon version.


While it wasn’t as goofy as it could have been, it didn’t really work for me. If you want to see blue underwater people, wait for the Avatar sequel. After Disney paid billions to get Fantastic 4 and X-Men back from Fox, I don’t know why they’re messing around with third-tier comic characters like Namor.

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I mean, I know Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars, but even if they did want a crossover why would they ever start with Namor and Han?


They don’t address that at all. They acknowledge the ankle wings and just say that he’s different from the rest of his people. (Second instance of the “M-word” in the MCU.) Aside from that, he has ankle wings that make him fly, and the audience has either bought into enough of the MCU BS to roll with it or not.

As for the rest that anchors him into the world, they did a good job of giving him an origin that makes him a sympathetic villain like they did Killmonger. I don’t like that they changed the pronunciation of his name, but they did it for a reason. What they did was something that worked for me.

The director wanted Namor, and he wanted him in as soon as the post-credits scene from the first film. Based on what he did with the character, you can see why the character was so appealing. Plus there’s history. Namor was one of the first characters Marvel published, before they became Marvel. I’m sure someone working there is annoyed that they managed to get Howard the Duck into the MCU before Namor.


Take my like and this link, you pun-ishing bastard:


Depending on how you define it Howard the Duck was the very first full-length live-action Marvel film with a theatrical release back in 1986. There was no MCU before Howard. So he beat Namor by 36 years.


That’s why I specifically called out the MCU, which is an incredibly big deal to Marvel/Disney. The MCU is now what defines the characters for the public, or even lets people know they exist and are worth investing in.

I’m surprised that he didn’t tease Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to transform the Death Star into Galactus, whose first act is to gift The Force (aka The Power Cosmic) to his herald C-3P0. This gift changes C-3P0’s color from gold to silver. C-3P0 then transforms R2-D2 into a surfboard so they can remain together always. [Pause for the audience to aww.]


Namor isn’t Aquaman? How many princes of the sea are there?

I would rather watch a gritty take on ocean life starring Charlie Tuna .

I’m just waiting for the Bulge Cut version: Is Marvel afraid of Namor’s bulge in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? - Polygon

Although, The Incredible Hulk pilot was shown theatrically in Europe and there were three European theater releases of the ‘70s live-action Spidey show as well.

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Namor has been called “Marvel’s first mutant” (not in-universe chronologically, but the first one that appeared in the comics). He’s been retconned to be a mutant, and the film says so explicitly. Both Namor and Ms. Marvel are the first named ‘mutants’ in the MCU. Getting the X-characters back freed up that bit of lore for them.


No. And pitting them against one another only results in the ridiculous. Best to keep them far apart.

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and even if you discount that first movie, i think howard also appeared in one of the collector’s tanks. maybe it was guardian of the galaxies? anyway, pretty sure he’s there in the background.

With the vast range of land-based mutants and aliens and whatevers… for the fairly small representation of an aquatic side of super heroes, I raise my eyebrow that both IP’s are pretty similar, with kingdoms and heirs to thrones and controlling sea creatures. Very stereotype idea of who may live under the water and what abilities they have.

Nice that in the Harley Quinn show they focused on the shark kingdom instead.

Somebody’s fawnin’ for a spawnin’


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