Loretta Lynch is a win for the police state, says Glenn Greenwald


Link is broken.


The Republicans were really obnoxious about delaying her appointment for so long, just for political reasons. And yes, everything she’s said suggests she’s just as gung-ho about a growing police state as Holder was, but they didn’t have the courage to actually say so and block it.

She’s the perfect fit for the system we have built.

They weren’t opposing her because of her record or her policies or her stance on any issues. If those factors had been under consideration at all they’d have been cheering her on, hoisting her into her new office on their shoulders flecked with champagne foam. Instead we get stampy feet and “Obama BAD, even all the times he does exactly the same things we want to do. Especially then, because those were our things!”

Imagine if they had a police state and nobody came…

DIY state!

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