Lost luggage: LA person vs NYC person

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/11/lost-luggage-la-person-vs-nyc-person.html

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Any humor that might have been found there is completely lost due to the audio being out of sync. Why is this still a thing? Oh, right, 2020.


audio is in synch for me…

also i’m stunned by how in-person the LA girl looks, like she’s 3D rendered right in front of me. Maybe it’s the freckles?

After a while of flipping through these I felt like I had binge-watched a season of TV


srsly? for what, the comedian? fine with me, she’s good.

for the suitcases…

Completely out of sync. So out of sync I wondered if it was some obscure part of the ‘joke’.

On Android 11 this is a one sentence article with no links to video or anything else.

Same. Briefly a Tiktok frame popped up, but disappeared.

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