Woman mysteriously disappears on live TV


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Watch to the left on this Sportcenter interview in an airport. One of the women by the carousel walks in front of another, and the the woman behind just disappears. Did she duck and shuffle off at the exact time to remain hidden by the other traveler, or was she kidnapped by luggage fairies?


Wow. I had to watch that more than a few times to see what happened. Gorgeous circumstantial timing.


Aliens. It’s the only explanation.


I know, right? What are the odds of her disappearing into thin air just as that woman was passing in front of her!


“Did she duck and shuffle?”

Good question!


Janet Bourne.


It looks like she just blended into the bench behind her.


Two days later she was found, ragged and unclaimed, on the luggage belt in Bangkok.

Such are the ways of airline baggage handling.


This is why you should never fly Mary Celeste Air.


I think this is a case of a jump, jive - though no apparent wailing.


Invisible is the new photobomb.


Think I’ll just… let the mystery be.


Nonsense, Rob is right, it was the luggage fairies. And those fuckers are malevolent. Pray for her.


Dinner plans, they were so nice
A fresh salmon, packed in ice
From Stockholm to Prague will last, the owner thinks
Something must have gone quite wrong
’Cause it was routed through Hong Kong
This luggage was lost and found and now it stinks!

(real story.)


A nice coincidence of timing, but there’s no deep mystery here. The body language of the woman who ‘vanished’ makes it pretty clear what’s happening.


Lowering the Bar: Invisible Man Fails to Appear
In February 2012, a 28-year-old Georgia man called 911 to report that he was invisible. Paramedics and a deputy with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call. It turned out that drugs were involved. In the man’s defence the report does say that he had a record of prior arrests for, among other things, “failure to appear.”


Ever the optimist, Mr. Shaddack.


Watch the reflection of her legs on the shiny tile floor - they start to move along with the woman in the foreground when she passes in front. I think you can also see her shoe as she starts to move in the same direction.

Nice illusion, it would be wondrous if people succeeded in this more often on purpose.