How did this woman board an international flight without a ticket or a passport?


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She did it using the invisibility cloak that is issued to all middle-age (or older) women, of course!


She’s white. That must help.


The Granny Cloak works for elderly men too, I use it daily, but it’s called the Grampy Cloak.


Hope she got the airmiles in any case.


How to get preferential treatment using one weird trick!


You can get away with a whole lot if you’re a nice-looking older white lady who just acts like she’s supposed to be doing what she’s doing.

I used to work security at Kmart; ladies like this were the ones who did most of the shoplifting. Nobody thinks to stop and frisk a kindly lady walking out the door.


Angela Lansbury?? No doubt on her way to investigate a murder.


I suppose its similar to wearing a visibility vest and carrying a few tools or a tablet in a rugged case.


confidence and appearing to belong is key to most social engineering. I’ve gotten into many backstage areas at events in the past by simply acting like i was supposed to be there and more important than the checkpoint person.

that is why strict credential checking policies are a must at checkpoints.


Trinity : Neo, no one has ever done anything like this.

Neo : That’s why it’s going to work.


When I was a young journalist I was taught that the best invisibility device was a clipboard filled with papers and forms. Combine that with a confident bearing and it could get you into surprising places.


I accidentally did that a few times :slight_smile:
I had to do measurements on a construction site of a large bridge with a colleague, and nobody didn’t even ask us what we were doing. We had visibility vests, hard hats, toolboxes and a rugged laptop, so exactly as you describe :slight_smile:
The best part was sitting inside the bridge (it was steel box girder type) and doing measurement readouts while it was under load test.


My dear mother, may she rest in peace, used to follow the minimum of laws and social niceties necessary to live a reasonable life. This frequently resulted in us kids being scandalized. Her answer? “Old ladies are invisible.” Sad, but very, very true.


You sure it’s not called the Grumpy Cloak, I feel like I’ve seen more elderly men wear those.

Although I will say the Grampy Cloak should be something I see on one of those “As Seen on TV!” commercials.


No, that’s strictly for the ahole of the species. BTW: It derives its power from your negative attitude, thusly it renders it useless to me.


Wow, she must have really wanted to get to London. Must have been the food.




Nowadays, a clipboard makes you stand out.


“Prosecutors said Ms. Hartman stayed overnight at the airport…”

If she ate there, the concession restaurants would be the real criminals.