Lost seal pup rescued

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Lucky pup.

Whenever I see a story like this, or like the feral dog rescue/rehab that Mark posted, I wonder what the rescue percentages are?

Over the years I have taken in and found homes for alley cats and kittens, and a feral pup. (Poor little guy had to be treated for mange; he’d lost patches of fur, especially on his belly. Don’t know if he was lost, abandoned, or orphaned, but on the coldest day of the winter he had gone to a fairly busy area in an otherwise quiet area and curled up into a shivering ball… only to be ignored. The poor thing was too young to be alone, I guess he didn’t know what else to do except go towards the people and hope for help. (He recovered into a cheerful, friendly, energetic pup, and landed in a good home.))

I wonder how many of these poor animals are never found, or are ignored by people who have “better” things to do?

My thoughts always come back to: Theists, this is the work of your kind, loving God. What kind of a cruel, heartless sonufabitch must He be to do this to his children? Make up someone better to worship.

I can be very cynical about human behavior and humanity’s prospects for the future, but stories like this keep hope alive. Hearted.


Poor guy. Not enough safe ice to pup on?

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Not in the past 12,000 years or so, no. The Farne Islands aren’t exactly arctic. :wink:

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