Lou Reed saved $30m despite no big hits


I actually purchased Metal Machine Music, it came on four LP’s. The very last part of the last LP skipped back on itself, thus, in effect, the album never ended. Wondered if other original LP purchasers experienced this.


Yeah, the locked groove at the end was standard.

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I’m fairly certain it was four LP sides, not 4 entire LPs. I’m not entirely certain because I decided not to purchase my copy until it was digitally mastered for CD.

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You are correct.

And the quadrophonic version was even better. What with Blu-ray Pure Audio/DVD Audio, let’s all hope for a 5.1 version soon!


A locked groove is an intentional addition to an L.P.

Jack White just included locked groove endings on both sides of his new album Lazaretto.

Here’s a Reddit that lists several others. :slight_smile:

This is what the cables are for.

I’d never heard anything on that. I didn’t listen to much of it, but I’m going to stop trashing this album now:

That is pretty amazing, actually, and if anything it shows that the music business was a totally different beast back then. All the bands out there who have commercial success that Lou could only have dreamed of (and he was popular, don’t get me wrong!), only to have to quit and go get a real job because they aren’t making any money.

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$20M of that post mortem! Thats a heck of a better graveyard bounce than most musicians get.

I gotta admit, I’m disappointed in the Boing crowd for not whipping up an outrage that a musician might leave some money to their family. Wheres all the copyfight spirit and anger over performing rights royalties? Lou didn’t make all that money selling t-shirts and merch.

@beschizza why give the ad views to The Guardian when it was the New York Post who wrote the original story. Guardian added no value at all all here.

Let’s get realistic here. It was probably in the form of a couple Andy Warhol pieces that he was gifted back in the day

Lester Bangs was absolutely rhapsodic about this album. That’s just the initial review, he went back to the well several times later on.

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