Public Enemy to reissue legendary albums



Bam! This is a dope jam.

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Yeah, I don’t think Professor Griff would go for that, Weisberger.


I believe Griff has apologized at several points over the last few decades and continues to express remorse.

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I believe they were all classic “I’m sorry you feel that way” apologies.

This is the part that worries me. I’ve got the original CDs of these and as they were pre loudness war, they just don’t have the same sonic impact now as they did then. The practical effect being that I have to turn the audio system volume up much higher for those tracks as opposed to any others in a mix.

Still I’ll check these out and I’ll have to go through my library to see how many of the bonus tracks I already have.

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Don’t knock “Bum Rush the Show!”, one of my faves.

Very true! The bass mixing on current songs is way more dynamic, it makes listening to Fear of a Black Planet sound like mono AM radio in comparison. It is an amazing album. I can’t wait for the reissue!

I recently picked up some PE cds and was wondering why they were so cheap… that explains it.

Also, a recent Chuck D interview:

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ITANOMTHUB is dope and changed the game, but I daresay FOABP is their best album. War At 33 1/3 is a personal favorite. I feel like
it should’ve been a single but it was truncated in the mix of the LP.

@jlw, @L_Mariachi, @Israel_B
I don’t know specifically what Griff has officially said in apology of his anti-semitic statements, nor do I know if it aligns with what he inwardly feels. But, fwiw, I do know several different white folks who’ve met him, and they all told me he was really positive and gracious with white fans. I guess what I’m trying to say is there was no trace of “I inwardly think you’re a white devil” in their interactions. Let’s remember that he was pretty young at the time of his inflammatory statements. Malcolm X was caught up in the same NOI rhetoric until he went on Hajj when he was more grown.

@Mindysan33, idle gossip alert: his son works at the Buckhead Fellini’s.

Really! That’s pretty interesting! I had no clue.

ATL is a huge haven for golden-era NY rappers. Most of them live here now, and raised families.

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Pretty cool! I don’t blame them… I like ATL, too!

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Point taken but this gets into some very weird dynamics. At the time of these public statements, anyone w/in the sphere of influence of NoI would understand quite clearly that there is a difference between the White and the Jew. “Regular America” wouldn’t see this for the most part, having suffered a near complete collective amnesia over the fact that even as recently as the 70s there was a tick box in the race section of official forms for Jews. The polite term was “Hebrew”. Nonetheless Farrakhan & Co. were (and to some degree still are) quite clear on the difference between the two.

Malcolm X spoke of, and Chuck D has referenced that its easier to deal with the openly racist White conservative than the White liberal because at least with one, you know which hand is holding the knife. Maybe Griff put down the knife, I’d be happy to think so. I’d still be a fool to pretend he never had one though. If nothing else I can remember that it was simply his job to be outrageous on the issue of race back then.

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