That time Sublime covered the 'Hong Kong Phooey' theme

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The entire Saturday Morning album was amazing. The Reverend Horton Heat’s cover of the Jonny Quest theme going into “Stop that Pigeon” from the Wacky Racers was especially good. Seems the thing is out of print now, which confuses me because I thought the devil’s bargain we made was that we can listen to anything ever recorded we just can’t keep or own any of it.


I imagine re-issuing an album like that involves more IP lawyers than most people are willing to deal with. At least bits and pieces are available.


For my money, there’s no topping Helmet’s cover of Gigantor:


I’ve still got it on CD…willing to let it go to the highest bidder :wink:


it’s a release for record store day in november.


If I had to pick two things that have true staying power, I’d absolutely go with ‘casual racism’ and ‘Sublime’.

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It’s not a cover, they wrote the song for the show

Perfect band to cover my fave krofft bros jam~ i can only imagine the legal wrangles tho lol I’m surprised the Saturday morning project ever saw the light of day

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There’s still a crazy lock on certain artists and songs, i.e. electric ladyland and certain live Dylan tracks etc. But we are also seeing and hearing new things like iamaphoney and unreleased Beatle tracks, so it’s a give and take lol

Outstanding! Thanks.

OH HOLY SHIT THANK YOU…wait…sorry, damn caps lock key was stuck…anyway, thanks.

Imma let you finish but…

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used CDs for $6 a piece is accessible enough for me :woman_shrugging:

also I love this


RIP, Bradley, although I’m still pissed that you left us. So much amazing, seemingly effortless music in such a short amount of time.

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Absolutely. I played it endlessly. I especially loved Butthole Surfers Underdog, and Dig’s version of Fat Albert. And that Johnny Quest theme nailed it, although I’d rather have had the whole song and had them ditch the Stop that Pigeon song, because they were rocking it.

So do I, but I’m not willing to part with it ever. :wink:

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There were a lot of good albums like this in the 90’s. Seems bands were more willing to do a one-off cover for a compilation back then and they were easier to pull together. I had “I’m Your Fan”, which was Leonard Cohen stuff redone by alternative rock bands and had some great songs on it.


I will not part with my copy for anything but retirement level money.

I listen to it regularly as a part of my digital rotation.

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That Carpenters tribute also has some real gems on it.

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