Loud sex interrupts professional tennis match


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More like “boring sports event interrupts awesome sex.”


The tennis players really should have just stepped up their grunting game.


Someone I dated in college…I don’t really need to go into details, but yes, this is possible.


Loud sex

Is there any other kind?


Everyone should be those people at least once in their lives.


I once knew a guy who collected audio recordings of Monica Seles serves for solitary purposes. These days we’d just consider it ASMR.


I find it hysterical the shot of the woman having her 10-13 yr old son covering his ears.




“Ladies and Gentlemen…welcome to the 12th Annual Sex Olympics! Contestants will be judged on the basis of 3 categories: Creativity, Endurance, and Level of DANGER!”



Didn’t Channel 4 show that in the 80’s?


A lost landmark in British science fiction from a writer who is long overdue a full retrospective and knighthood.

The Gold goes to you!


You mean the Laff-a-lympics?

Though I suppose those two things needn’t be mutually exclusive. I always wondered if Daisy Mayhem and the Dread Baron ever hooked up.


Sorry. We’ll try to keep it down next time.


“Enlarge your tennis !”



I had sex once


I don’t know which is more impressive; that you remembered it to post, or that I then remembered having seen it.
But I’m sure it was the 1960s - pre Python certainly.