Loud sex interrupts professional tennis match


Well, it was a tennis game:

Score: Love-Love
"Are those your fuzzy balls?"
and so on


With another person?


It was 1968, and it was one helluva year!


1968 was the year I did the Cambridge entrance and lost something that some people consider valuable, so it was indeed a hell of a year.


Money? :grin:


The video is down. Can someone tell me; was she laughing?
That’s what my partners always do.



They made quite the racquet



IIRC something similar happened during a baseball game at Rogers Centre in Toronto (or possibly Camden Yards in Baltimore.) Rogers has a hotel inside the ballpark facing the field, and Camden has a multi-use building similarly situated. Anyway, a couple was spotted having sex up against a window during a game, which understandably caused a distraction. Not long after, management inserted a clause into the room contracts threatening fines and expulsion for visible lewd conduct.


SkyDome (Rogers Centre) Renaissance Hotel. Stayed there myself many, many times.


NSFW: http://oglaf.com/semifinal/


It can be done with another person? Eeeew!


…but now I’m married.

edit: I know sex can be loud but I reckon this was amplified.


[quote=“Michael_R_Smith, post:35, topic:99411, full:true”]
…but now I’m married[/quote]

It’s funny cos it’s true :joy:


Yes we all know someone who has done sex, there’s no need to brag.


I had none.


How about those who haven’t had any?


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