Louisiana couple stole $1,000 worth of beer from 6 Target stores in 1 week, say cops

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Looks like they’ve gotten themselves into a beery big meth


Someone should have told them there’s not enough alcohol in beer to make DIY hand sanitizer with it.


florida called, and they want their thieves back.


It’s a match made in Louisiana.

Yeah…because nothing like this would happen in Ohio, New Jersey, or Virginia or Washington State.

Why is there a need to put down a state with the dig at LA? There’s plenty of shame to go around the nation. It seems like Boing Boing is trying to “it can’t happen here with our dazzling hipster selves” thing.
This stuff happens all across the nation. But hey, you feel superior because you live in what you perceive is a better state where stuff like this never, ever, hardly, happens.
And that’s the point isn’t it. It’s a feel good piece


Of course it happens all over, including in the Five Boroughs and the Bay and wherever else you want feel aggrieved by.

For some reason, when I see a dumb crime story local to me, I don’t get all hepped up about people pointing out where it happened.


It’s about being "geographically inferior’. What you mention are just ‘suburbs’ kinda thing.
Not the kind of thing that gets into the subconscious of an entire nation but casual regionalism that brands an entire people as ‘dumb’. These are things that do affect people in perception and employment…trying to ‘pass’ as not having a Southern Accent to get a job. I’ve known people that changed their accent from Southern to this this really weird British thing to get accepted in New York. I know people of various social groups and ethnicities do that all the time.
But what continues that myth of geographical inferiority, like race inferiority, is not having it challenged. And having it accepted. And used as an excuse for personal behavior as “oh well, it’s southerners…black people…Irish…it’s just how those people are”

Also it wasn’t about just “Pointing it out where it happened” it was a dig at an entire state and region. Surely you aren’t that tone deaf to not see that.


I’m actually a bit impressed. It takes a heckuva lot of 15 buck two-fours to get to a grand!

No judgement made on the couple’s taste in beer, just an observation based on attempts to buy “decent” beer in Mississippi and Alabama regarding the availability of beer that isn’t a flagship brand of InBev.


Wasn’t born there, but I lived in very rural Tennessee from about 8 until I left at 18 to get a job. I know from southern young male stupidity.

And I know how the weaponization of grievance works. You casually dismiss a ton (more than occupy multiple southern states, I might add) of people as “just suburbs” to press your grievances as more legitimate. I assure you, once you get past your stereotypes against us urban types, we can be incredibly stupid criminals.

Lots of states get shat on. Florida is in a class of its own here, New Jersey is nearly as popular to mock, California, where I live, has multiple categories of nasty humor about it, depending on how you grind your political axe. I’m pretty sure people make lists of this stuff. And if you do live in the south, I know you hear the nasty stuff about my state passed off as conventional wisdom.

I’m genuinely sorry you feel geographically inferior. And if we’re talking about folks who speak French Creole, yes, there are serious barriers faced by speakers of small-population languages - that’s very isolating.


Sounds about right.

In case anyone is wondering, the 225 neck tattoo is for the Baton Rouge area code. I lived in B.R. for ~6 years, but unfortunately never bumped into this pair. I guess thats what I miss by having never shopped at walmart or target


Jokes on them. Target has a terrible selection of beer. They probably got $1000 retail price worth of corona and bud light, not actually $1000 worth of beer.



$1000 in merchandise could get you set up nicely as a home brewer. That’s level of strategy is the difference between common criminals and the criminals that run this country.

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Fuck yeah, Murrica. Where you don’t see the people behind the crime, and ridicule people. In a better place where people talk about Drugs Without the Hot Air they would receive some compassion and support instead of a prison sentence.


But the CDC told them to stock up and be prepared to self isolate.


Don’t know people would find this article amusing or even interesting in any way. Two people broke the law and got caught and will now pay for it.

Does it stand out because of the neck tat? Is it because it was beer they stole as opposed to other merchandise which would be sold for beer (or other kinds of drugs)? Is it the price of the goods ($1000 barely registers as a felony)?Is it because they were a couple? Or is it because shining the light of the internet on people who need help makes people feel superior?

Addiction is horrible and the decline is exponential. Just ask anyone who has come out the other side and was able to stay there.


So we’re sneering at the dirty peasants and celebrating the cops again? Yay.


It was the beer.


I’m trying to understand the motivation behind getting a neck tattoo of your area code? Some sort of weird regional pride, I guess?

Or did he decide to get a neck tattoo, and when asked about what design he wanted could only come up with the area code number?


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Also, if you get a tattoo like that, don’t become a brewer, or you might get sued by AB InBev for trademark infringement, given their habit (no doubt driven by the Goose Island acquisition) of trademarking area codes for beers.