Lovely drone footage of a boat trip through a sea of lotuses

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In Japan i actually saw a temple that had a waterway that was filled with lotuses. Unfortunately it wasn’t blooming at the time, i probably missed it by a month or so but i imagine it would look incredible (i have a panorama of the area, i’ll have to post it when i have a free moment to look in my phone).

This lake in Thailand looks amazing, must be a hell of an experience to see firsthand.




Sooo pretty! When I was a kid I didn’t know that lotus flowers were real, I thought they were some kind of fantasy flora from stories. I was so happy to find out that not only were they real, but that they looked like storybook flowers in real life, too.

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Watched this yesterday morning and apparently forgot to like it. Fortunately I wanted to start my day with it again this morning.

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