Beautiful gardens in the back of Japanese mini pickup trucks

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Me likey nice place to sip my tea.


I was going to say, the bed of one of those trucks is juuust about the same size as a traditional teahouse! The possibilities are intriguing.


Man, I have wanted a kei truck forever. For like 6 or 7 thousand I could get an imported one, but never had a legitimate reason for buying one, until now.


A nice little garden to accompany your tiny house as you tow it from place to place…


Now that’s an great idea!


I really liked that the last one was a western style garden.

I didn’t click on it but I’m just going to assume that the last one was an Olive Garden.


Amazing. And beautiful.


Spoon and Tamago link is broken, full of bad characters.

Oh, man. Even in Japan, you can’t escape the old wooden wagon wheel at the back of the flowerbed.

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When I lived in Taiwan 30 years ago people were crazy for puppet shows, and enterprising puppeteers built stages with sound systems in trucks like this and went around neighborhoods giving impromptu curbside puppet shows. They were great fun to watch and people loved them.

I can’t find any photos right now of the small truck puppet shows. Here’s a more elaborate setup using a larger truck. They often set up outside temples to put on puppet shows for the gods and their other fans, generally based on Chinese opera:


You’re not going to tow something the weight of a normal tiny house with a kei truck.

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Too bad the truck is too small for truly unlimited breadsticks.


Fixed, thanks!

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In America the wind would destroy this when you took it on a highway. I suspect these don’t get a lot of miles. There is a reason you never see art cars with plants; it is not that people haven’t thought of it.

There was a sort of genius in the vw bug flower holder: acknowledging that growing something in a car is not going to happen, but the next best thing is watching a plant die. Nice congruity with our car culture as a whole.


This is very cool. It’s a great opportunity to show off landscaping to a wider audience, including other landscapers who will really appreciate it. It is a chance for friendly competition. And it also serves as advertisement, so the time and energy spent on it is justified from a business perspective.

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