LP from Welsh band Samana includes map to find hidden obelisk

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Is this related to this story:

…or it a massive coincidence? (Probably, yes.)


Looks like it’s a 2019 album and the vinyl is sold out (probably long ago). There is still this:

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If you think traipsing around the UK to find treasure that some artist planted to give away sounds fun, then might I recommend Bobby Fingers’s YouTube channel?

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That stele in the b/w picture at the top of the OP looks a lot like the one on the grave of the unkown joke.

Don’t think he’s left any in the UK. You would be empty handed if you went there for his stuff.

The Steven Seagal diorama was buried in Surrey I think, but yes that was the only one in the UK so far. His latest video looks like he buried it on the Devon coast though

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My bad!

“The Ancient Egyptians used the obelisk as a symbol for the unknown”

[Citation needed]

I guess the granddaddy of them all is Masquerade:

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