Lucy Sparrow's all-felt supermarket now open in LA


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“ Lucy Sparrow’s all-felt supermarket now open in LA”

I read that as “alt-left supermarket.”
Politics overload. :tired_face:


Dry, bland and a kind of mouldy mouthfeeling.
1/5, would not buy/eat again.


felt with rice 10/10


Excuse me, are your melons felt?


sees last photo Ooh, the wacky-packs sticker.


Roger That!


Stuff like this is why I read Boing Boing


Those prices are a bit outside of my budget for cloth-based food items.Unless I can pay with felt money, in which case I’ve got some crafting to do.


I got to check this exhibit out last week and was so overwhelmed by the wonderfulness, I almost lost my mind. That said, the one item in the store that bothered me was the Fluff. (I had a bad experience with Fluff as a child and still stress out every time I see a jar of it.)


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