Luke Skywalker on how to write a cover letter


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And, more importantly, don’t forget to hide a weapon in one of the droids.


Cover letters are optional as well. When i was looking for a job about 4-5 years ago instead i opted for a different approach as i was sending the resume digitally and was minimizing the amount of personalization i needed to do. So i wrote a short paragraph describing my background, skills i wanted to to highlight, and what i was looking for. Something to the tune of “Previous background in customer service for X number of years, with a good eye for detail and fast learner, looking for a challenging position”… i forget the exact wording…

It was precisely that short, to-the-point statement that got me singled out by a company and hired.


Of course 9 times out of 10 you’ll just get dropped into the Rancor pit anyway.


When they ask for a performance demonstration during the interview, show them your skills but don’t actually kick that guy in the face… it’s rude.


Unless doing so actually gets you the job.So perhaps, kick that guy in the face only if the backing music starts to really ramp up.


Force kick: extra impressive.

Wait, is Boba Fett swimming in the background? Is this from the actual movie?


The more I think about that decision the less sense it makes. It’s not like Jabba’s palace has especially good security to screen visitors for weapons. Leia walked right up to Jabba with a thermo-detonator in her pocket.


You don’t know what kind of kinks Jabba is into…

Is that a detonator in your pocket or are you happy to see me? :wink: I hope its both.


Luke’s plan to rescue Han might as well have been written by David Mamet. My favorite part is: what if Leia had been successful? Was she just going to walk out the front door with Han and leave Chewie in a cell in Jabba’s basement?


You want me to write a whole letter?

But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.


Awfully short for a cover letter…


Not bad, but my favorite remains this bit from McSweeney’s:

Also if I never have to write another cover letter it will be too soon.



I’ve never written a cover letter, and looking back, I doubt it would have made any difference. Maybe it would inflate my ego, but I’m already well-supplied thanks.


Like i posted at the top, i didn’t do a cover letter, instead i wrote a short statement of what i wanted and that specifically worked for me as the company that hired me mentioned as much. That said i think applying for jobs and putting together resumes is just the fucking worst, i don’t think most employers really look at them anyway.







When you have to submit perhaps 200 resumes a week while job searching, coverletters are pointless wastes of time.

I never bother even applying to employers that require them. It’s not like they’re special enough when I need to just get volume out.

“why do you want to work for us”

“because I can do the job, have the necessary skills and experience, and think the rate you’re paying is in line with industry standards”.