Lulu - an app for girls to anonymously rate boys


I thought the companion app was called “the internet”


Beauty contests are degrading to women - so why not have a beauty contest for men? That way everybody is degraded!


Why do I suspect there would be a huge outcry if this was an app for boys to rate girls.



No seriously though, that app is gross and all apps that do that kind of thing to anyone are gross.


It seems like there will soon likely be outcry over this one. That said, imagine the comments on the gender reversed version.


Dear God, I am so glad I don’t have to go to high school in the digital age.


I’ll agree it’s a pretty low brow app. More or less taking profile pics and then pulling them into their own app…I can’t honestly believe guys would install this themselves through facebook to provide the company with more pictures…

However in a very weird way it reminds me of the currency system in Cory’s Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom. Obviously much more crass, but the system is placing a value on you based on others opinion…just seemed ironic to me.

I imagine a gendered reverse version to be nothing but sexual references with the intelligence of a 15 year old boy no matter what age man uses it. But imagine a combo male/female rate all one…it’d be like Amazon reviews for people…now that’s seriously scary.

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It isn’t nice even when the girls say good things about the guys and it’s not ‘cute’ just because girls are giggling behind it. If the guys don’t consent, the spirit of it remains inconsiderate and objectifying.


Ah, curse you vile misandry! May the whole of the internet drown in my tears of privilege briefly constrained, as we witness truly the vilest of tyrannies. A trillion hexes upon your reverse-sexist heads!!!1!1!


Oh come on. We have that app built into our Medulla Oblongata and you know it.


how is this different from or what that zuckerberg kid was doing in “the social network”? Or probably a million other things I’m totally clueless about?


Holy crap…“Always stays.”!!! Does that mean what I think it means? Are that many 16-year-olds worried about a guy staying over after sex? When I was 16, we were lucky if we could find a secluded parking lot to screw around in…not whether or not we could stay the night.

Only other connotation I could see is like a dog…“stay…good boy.”

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A bunch of teenagers anonymously commenting on each other’s appearance? There’s no way that won’t go immediately, horribly wrong and descend into bullying!


So is our instinct to hit things with sticks, and drag women back to our cave by their hair. We’ve evolved past being slaves to our biology. I stopped judging women on their ability to procreate good babies about 30 years ago. . .

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Yup, something like this is doubly worrying when it’s completely anonymous. Why would anyone take it seriously?

the troll in me wants to get this app and put myself on it and then get my friends to give me saucy reviews

The companion is iTunes needs to pull this sexist shit.
It says in the store 17+ really? Encourage underage sex.

And why exactly would Apple pull this? Sounds to me like a baseless bash against the company…

It’s 50/50 really.

If it was Google I’d be more inclined to say they would let it stay (just because Google only has control of certain aspects of the Android environment), but Apple has power over the whole chain. The hardware, the software, and the software store are all controlled by Apple, thus they can set/present a certain type of image if they choose too. It’s up to them if this is something they want their name attached to.

From a freedom of whatever aspect…it’s a shitty app that someone is using teens/young adults to make money off of.
From a company standpoint it’s one that brings along with it a whole basket of questionable things.

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