Lunar Rover operations manual for free download


My “library” consists entirely of car manuals and National Smithsonian Air & Space magazines. This moon buggy manual just blew my mind, thanks!

Im going to need some kind of NASA like binder for it… Score!

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This is going to be helpful as I just unlocked that option in Gran Turismo 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Congratulations on your purchase of a Boeing Company Lunar Roving Vehicle. Please fill out and mail the included card for information on our extended warranty replacement plan…”

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Ironically, didn’t come with satellite radio.


The extended warranty is a ripoff. I called about a flat tire and you wouldn’t BELIEVE how long they said it would take to get someone to stop by the vehicle and replace it!


I disagree. I got into a fender bender once and two staggeringly nice gentlemen came by and fixed me right up.

One of them was a very nice geologist, the other was a dirty graffiti artist, putting initials everywhere.

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The illustrations of astronauts using the rover are priceless!

Just his daughter’s name. I have this fantasy about visiting splitrock where Gene says he only thought about writing Tracy and finding it has been there all along.

These will go great with my Space Shuttle operations manual. I need a little help with some wrenching. I’ll pay in beers.

He must have done it. We’re talking about one of the highest trained detail oriented people in the world who can keep track of multiple moving objects in 3D space and arrange a complex orbital trajectory to meet on the other side of an orbital body. He promised his daughter something that literally would take him seconds to do and he knows that he was going to be the last person on that rock for a long time. He’s not likely to just forget something like that.

He saw Apollo 15’s stamp fiasco go down, he just knew not to talk about a private personal deed later on.

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