How is China's lunar mission going? Here's a rover postcard from the moon


I am surprised the rover is still so close to the lander.

That’s normal. They really take their time at the begining, and triple check every system before going.

Curiosity stood still for 2 weeks before the did their “first drive”

In addition, it’s probably moving extremely slowly.

Look mommy, there are no stars up in the sky… Cue Pink Floyd.

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Has that left blinker been on this whole time?

It’s better with Photoshop.

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What mission? What are you talking about?
I’ve had just about enough of you!
Go that way!
You’ll be malfunctioning within a day, you nearsighted scrap pile!

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Interesting. How does one colour correct an image from the moon? I suppose it’s entirely theoretical, based on the measured/calculated properties of the camera and calculated properties of the environment.

Or do they get an Apollo astronaut to play with Photoshop until he’s happy it matches his memory?

The last pictures taken on the moon, that I saw, were taken with a Hasselblad.
In the sixties.
Are these guys using a plastic phone cam lens? Surveillance camera?
Considering that no atmospheric smog inhibits tele shots, this image from the China National Spaaaaaace Administration is quite disappointing.

Or is it miles away?
How far can it be? Yutu isn’t even near the horizon yet, which is quite close on little moon. And they don’t even have refraction. Deduct another 15% or so.

At least in this picture the rover doesn’t have shadows from multiple light sources like in a picture released previously.

You put a test card on the probe, have the probe take a picture of it and compare it to photos made of an identical test card using an identical camera on earth.

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